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Description: These computer-based tests were specially designed to assess a student’s knowledge of the science information covered in Learning Science, Spelling Words, Phonics, and More Simultaneously (reproducible pages for grades kindergarten through 3rd), a book by Habakkuk Educational Materials and available on Amazon or by visiting the business website at

 The tests serve two purposes:

(1) to assess a student’s mastery of the science content in the book; and

(2) to be used for review games.

 Using the tests for review games: The computer-based tests can be used in correspondence with various board games that have a pathway from start to finish.  Students playing the game would answer one of the questions (most of which are multiple choice), and if the computer confirms that the answer is correct, the student could roll dice or spin a spinner and move his or her playing piece the corresponding number of spaces on the path.

 If you visit the “Free Teaching Materials” page of our website at, there is a free gameboard that can be printed on cardstock.  (Click on “Board games and more to complement Habakkuk Educational Materials’ Bible, reading, language, math, science, and social studies materials.”)

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