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Teacher: pamela otero


Teacher: Gaurav Srivastava

Procure to Pay Process NetSuite

Using the Netsuite Procure to Pay process companies can

  • Raise Purchase order for Stock and No Stock based purchases
  • Use Item Min,Max, Safety Stock and Recorder point logic to automate purchasing of stock
  • User Preferred Vendors and their item pricing to generate Purchases at agreed prices
  • Tracking email communication and collaboration in NetSuite against the PO and and the vendor 
  • Use back order reports to manage stock
  • Use MRP functionality to Demand and supply based replenishment 

Teacher: أنس عبد العاطي

Teach Engage Aspire

This course is especially for Al Azhar teachers of English. It aims to provide English language teachers with the required skills for teaching including methodology as well as academics.

Teacher: pamela otero


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Help! My Child is a Procrastinator